About Us

"We for the people, specifically the youth. Each product tells a story of what I have been through or what I see in the world around me. This designer is not like other designers." Brenet Woods


This designer for the ones who relate, not for everybody...

Amaris Always Lives On

Don't let up.

AALO was founded May 18 2020. The brand was created and founded by Brenet Woods in hopes to keep her cousin, Amaris name alive. With incorporating real life situations into her designs, and bringing luxury together with urban streetwear, encouraging diversity in the urban fashion industry. Growing up, she didn't always want to be a fashion designer, she had other hopes and dreams but she always knew that she wanted to be her own boss. Brenet always shared a creative eye in anything she did, she just never knew her eyes would land on fashion.

"Me and Amaris were inseparable, we were the same age, I was just a few weeks older but if you asked her who was the oldest, she would say it was her lol. Growing up, we were always taught to chase our dreams, no matter what life throws at you, always get up and fight back. As kids, my family always made it seem like me or her had to be the one to really make something out of ourselves. Where we come from, you either get caught up in the cycle of being stuck in poverty, or you don't live to see what life truly has in store for you. Not to mention, both of our moms had us young as teenagers, so they always pushed us to be everything we can be. Amaris had the sports on lock, I mean any sport, I'm talking basketball, soccer, baseball, whatever, you name it. And, if she didn't know how to play the sport, it didn't take her long to catch on and be great at it. Me, on the other hand, I was always creative but I was shy with my creativity. I went from wanting to be a lawyer, an architect, to wanting to be a fashion designer and entrepreneur. When Amaris passed away, we were both 15 and I no longer had any interest in being anything, but I soon realized giving up wasn't an option. So, I came up with AALO Brand which stands for Amaris Always Lives On because the real ones never die, they live on."

Sure enough, Brenet dropped her first collection, her hat collection of trucker and bucket hats August 25th of 2022, it was rocky but she learned from every downfall. Going forward, AALO Brand is coming harder than ever, we're staying consistent and we're dropping pieces that communicate where AALO Brand is from and what it took for this brand to get here today.

Stay Tuned

AALO Brand is on the come up!